Missions exist because worship doesn’t. The most pressing need across all cultures and in every generation is for all people to hear the gospel so that worship would rise. Worship of God is the primary motive for missions, worship is the fruit of those who hear and believe the Gospel. 

Reach the City – 

  • Locally we serve through our Clothes Closet by giving clothing to those in need. It is open every Tuesday from 1:00pm to 4:00pm.
  • Our Life Groups are designed as mission mobilization hubs to meet the demands of ministry where we live everyday. This is accomplished through partnership with church-wide community initiatives as well as specific ministries adopted within each group. This is a continuous focus of our Life Groups, to reach our city.

Reach the World –

  • Every Summer our church sends and serves in various places across the nation and world to bring the light of the Gospel to as many as we are able.
  • We give from our budget to our State Cooperative program which aids in Church planting, resourcing, evangelism, and various other missional works throughout our state and the world.
  •  On a national level we partner with other affiliated churches by giving to and participating with the North American Mission Board.
  • On a global level we partner with affiliated churches by giving to and participating with the International Mission Board