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Statement of Faith

What is our only comfort in life, or in death?
That we are not our own, but belong body and soul, in life and death, to our faithful Savior Jesus Christ.

What is the chief end of man? To know God and enjoy Him forever.

  • We believe that the Bible is infallible and totally reliable. Having sole authority in the life of the church.
  • We believe in God having revealed Himself in three persons. The Father, Son, and Spirit. Each being from eternity, inseparable in nature, fully divine, carrying out the purposes of God.
  • We believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God. That He was conceived by the Holy Spirit in the womb of a virgin, lived a sinless life, died according to the scriptures, and was raised from the dead.
  • We believe that Jesus Christ has ascended to heaven where He now reigns having all authority.
  • We believe that salvation is a gift from God based upon his grace and extended to those who repent of sin and place their faith in Jesus Christ as Lord.
  • We believe that the Spirit indwells every one who has placed their trust in Jesus Christ for salvation. The Spirit convicts the world of sin. He exalts Jesus and causes the gospel to be known. The Spirit equips the church with all gifts and wisdom needed for a life of worship and witness.
  • We believe in a final judgement. There is a literal Heaven where the saved shall dwell in the presence of God eternally. We also believe in a literal Hell where the wrath of God will be poured out in judgement.


More information on our beliefs as a Southern Baptist Church.


At Madison Street our mission is to lead others to discover, disciple, and deploy.

Discover – God is infinite and full of glory! He reveals himself to us through his word, which is the light by which we come to know God, ourselves, and how to navigate through this world. There is always more to see and rejoice in, as we fix our eyes on him!

Disciple – We long to see people become disciples who make disciples.  Following Jesus is not easy, but God has given us the gift of belonging to one another.  We strive to provide pathways for all people, to connect and build relationships that will encourage them in the faith.  We need a gospel community in order to thrive and mature in the life we’ve been brought into through faith in Christ.

Deploy – This treasure that we have in Christ is not meant to be hidden, but to be put on display before the world.  We are active in the culture to bring the gospel to bear in every arena of life, whether it is the marketplace, media, schools, or government. We are passionate about seeing Jesus transform the world!

Gospel Ethos: The center of our culture

Gospel – The standard by which our lives and ministry is governed, and the final word on all matters of faith and practice, is the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. From this gospel, through grace, we are being transformed into his likeness. 

Love – We seek to love God above all, and to love our neighbor with the same love in which God has loved us. Love bears all things and covers a multitude of sins.

Generosity – We long to be a people who give of our time, talents, and resources to see the ministry of the gospel reach all people. We know that we are stewards of God’s goodness and we love to see his goodness shared for his glory.

Compassion – The world is hurting, and we have been entrusted with the highest of privileges, to share the hope we have in Jesus Christ.  We long to see all people come to faith in Jesus and become true worshippers of God.

Humility – As our Lord humbled himself, so too, we will strive to consider others more significant than ourselves. We seek not our own, but rather what is good for the body.

Prayerful – We know that Jesus is the true vine and that apart from him we can do nothing.  We cast all of our cares on him, believing that he is able to do far more than we can ask or think. Having been reconciled to God, we approach his throne of grace boldly.

Hopeful – No matter what transpires around us, we will not shrink back. Our hope is in Christ, who has conquered death and is reigning over all creation.

Excellence – The work of ministry is a priority considered to be worthy of our labor. The church was bought at the highest price and we will strive to serve and live out our calling in such a way that brings honor to the one who loved us and gave himself up for us.

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